Yes to die cuts in the intermediate grades!

Die cuts aren't just for primary classrooms. You can use them in the intermediate grades too! We study symmetry in grades 3-5. We identify figures with no line of symmetry, 1 line of symmetry, or more than 1 line of symmetry. They have to detemine whether the line of symmetry is horizontal or vertical. My students really need hands-on practice finding lines and folding figures. So, die cuts are perfect. 

First, I cut different figures using construction paper. Then, I laminated them to reuse and to handle the folds my students will be making. And voila! I have lots of examples and it didn't cost me any money! 

I have one more idea to share. You can use an old CD to see the reflection of the figure from the line of symmetry. Another way to see symmetry!

Happy Teaching and Learning! For more symmetry resources, click here.