Do you know about Carol Dweck's Growth Mindset work?

Having a Growth Mindset has changed my students AND my own kids! When you change their mindset, you boost their motivation and achievement. 

I want to share with you some of my strategies- what it looks like/sounds like in my classroom. 

I do beginning of the year/end of the year inventories to better understand how my students perceive themselves. I know which of my students have fixed mindsets. For example, I know who thinks they aren't good at math and who thinks they're bad writers. 

I use more Growth Mindset language to encourage them. Below is from Carol Dweck. 

As a mom, I know what to say to my son when he's stuck on a step in the Lego manual. When he thinks he can't do it, I have a way to communicate with him.

I like to post phrases around the classroom, so my students can read them at any time. I also have posted them in the restroom around the mirrors. They're kid affirmations!

I also use a set of Growth Mindset questions to have class discussions. Great for morning meetings, community circles, lunch bunch, etc. 

It's never too late to become part of the Growth Mindset movement! The resources that I shared are FREEBIES at my TpT store. Yes, they are F R E E :)

Click here for the GROWTH MINDSET CARDS

If you download them, please leave a comment and share how it helped you and your students!