Edible Halloween hands

Looking for a last minute Halloween treat to make for class parties tomorrow or any spooky soirees you'll be attending this weekend? 

Here's an easy breezy Halloween treat you can put together in no time. My kids really liked helping me with this one! 

You'll need some clear plastic food prep gloves, candy corn, twisty-ties, and microwaveable popcorn. I grabbed some extra twisty-ties from the produce section of the grocery store. I also used kettle corn popcorn, too! A favorite around my house :)

First, pop the popcorn. Then, put 1 candy corn in each finger of the glove. They are the fingernails. Finally, fill the glove with popcorn. Don't forget to push down the popcorn into each finger. Use a twisty-tie to secure the glove. All done!

Enjoy your creepy Halloween treats!