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Fidget Spinners in Math

These days, teachers are either for or against fidget spinners. Some think that they are total distractions and others think that they help with focus and attention. What's your take? What are your class rules?

It was tough for me to decide where I stand. With any new toy, game, or trend, I try to find ways to incorporate my students' interests in their learning. And if you follow me on TpT or have read blogs before this one, you know that I have Minecraft inspired math activities, Pokémon Go math task cards, Lego robot projects, math fact bracelets, cooking, etc. In all of these, I relate math to things my students like. It has definitely been my "hook" to capturing their attention in math.

I personally feel that banning fidget spinners completely from class is a difficult thing to do and I don't want to constantly be on guard to confiscate them, call parents, so on and so forth. I experienced this with Pokémon trading cards a long time ago and before that there …

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