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Cereal-ously, it's Back to School!

About a week before school started, I asked my son if he was excited to head back to class. He shared that he was but, it was also a bummer summer was coming to an end. My son told me that he was going to miss playing with his friends the most. I appreciated his honesty and it made total sense to me. 

I left the conversation wondering what I could do to end the summer with an exclamation mark. It couldn't involve spending a lot of money because we just bought school supplies, new shoes, and backpacks. So, I decided to look for some ideas on Pinterest. 
I came across a baby shower pin and the mother-to-be had a cereal bar because she craved cereal throughout her pregnancy. The cereal bar was adorable. Then, it struck me. It would be perfect to do a cereal bar right before school. It wouldn't cost too much money and my kids could hang out with their friends one last time. This was the exclamation mark I was looking for!
My goal for decorations and food was to spend as little money …

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