My Intervention Office

Here's my office. It's small but lots of learning happens here. I must admit that I do miss having a classroom. But the trade-off is I get to work with small groups of students. They were so happy when my office got a makeover this past summer. The boys especially like it because there isn't any thing pink!

When I downsized from a classroom to an office space, I had to purge, purge, purge. My math stuff needed major organizing. So, I finally organized all of my materials and manipulatives by concept/skill in matching storage bins with chalkboard labels. I don't have a before shot. Trust me, it looks a lot better now. It's been easier to find what I need as I go through my day. 

My time zone clocks are my favorite! A friend of mine sprayed painted my old navy blue clocks to a beautiful gold. I love it! I thought my students would be bothered by the ticking sound, but one of my students actually told me it sounds like a beating heart.

I did a gallery wall after being inspired by all the cool ones on Pinterest. I hung up certificates, student drawings of me, and pictures of my family. I get compliments on my gallery wall all the time. 

I used any space I could find in my office. Here's all of my supplies in a shoe organizer. I like the clear one because I can see what's in the compartments. My kids have easy access to the supplies they need, too.