Just 2 materials to teach and review area!

I was making my usual run to Target yesterday and came across these blocks in the Dollar Spot for $1! What perfect timing because we're learning about area in group.

Using construction paper, I cut rectangles and squares in different sizes. Use a ruler for more exact measurements, by the way. Numbering the figures helps too. That's all the prep I did!

I asked the students, "How could you use the blocks to find the area of any of these figures?" They started to cover the figures with the blocks. Light bulb moment! They remembered what they learned from class. 

Then, I asked, "How would you find the total number of units it took to cover the figure?" They shared ways like repeated addition, area formula, and skip counting. In our discussion, they used math vocabulary like length, width, long, wide, equal group, total, row, column, and array.  The kids really benefited from listening to each other.

No pen and paper work today, pure math talk! Check it out.

Hope this inspires you to make a stop at Target today :) or grab some Lego blocks from home to try out this simple hands-on approach to teaching area!