A Valentine for your students XOXO

I have lots of love for my students in intervention! They work so hard for me every day. So, I wanted to celebrate them by doing something special this Valentine's Day. 

Instead of paper cards, I did a Valentine's Day e-card and posted it on my screen! Eco-friendly, right? As they walked in, they read the card. I noticed a lot of smiles when they got the pun. Here's the e-card I made in PowerPoint. 

I bought donut holes and cut pink straws in half. Simply stick the straw in the middle and eat it like a cake pop. No utensils needed, no baking required! Such a time saver for a teacher.

Here's another Valentine's Day idea for the moms out there who need to put together an easy present for your child's teacher. I bought some mason jars, caramel popcorn, cheddar popcorn, and marshmallows at the grocery store. Then, I filled the jars with the Cupid's Crunch. I also put a heart-shaped gift label around the jar using black construction paper, a chalk pen, and burlap yarn. All done and so cute! 

Happy Valentine's Day! XOXO


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