A whimsical Ladybug Birthday Party

I love to throw birthday parties and I keep it under budget by reusing things from previous parties or finding different ways to use other products as party decorations.  

I hosted my niece's ladybug party at my home. When she told me she liked ladybugs, the creative juices started to flow and here's what the table looked like.  

The green mat (under the paper plate) is actually turf that you can find at your local hardware store. I've used the same turf for Easter, football parties, baseball baby shower, beer tastings, etc.  

The table runner is gift wrapping paper from IKEA. I like to use gift wrapping paper as a table runner because the prints are so colorful and fun. Plus, it's inexpensive and the clean up is easy.

For a centerpiece, I hung a red tissue ball above the table and I added black pom poms to make it look like a lady bug. For party favors, I bought some bug catchers from the dollar store. I also picked up all the red and black plates and utensils from the dollar store too. 

I always admire the beautiful parties I see on Pinterest and wonder if I can do something like that. I think you can throw pretty parties on a budget! Being a teacher and a mom of two means I have to stretch every dollar, but look what I did! You can too!!