The 4 Presents Rule

My son's first Christmas taught me a lot. I had to reevaluate after that year because he got way too much stuff and he really didn't need that much at 1. I didn't want him to grow up thinking this is what Christmas is.

The next year, my husband and I started a new family tradition. Five years later and with the addition of our second child, we've kept the 4 Presents Rule.

We give our children 4 presents: 1 want, 1 need, 1 wear, and 1 read. I'm sure you've seen this idea on Pinterest. It's becoming very popular. It's just a great idea! Presents and spending don't get out control.

The "want" present is 1 thing your child really wants. Of course, within reason! The "want" present is great because we can say that present is from Santa. My kids still believe in Santa. If yours doesn't, it can still work. 

The "need" present is 1 thing your child really needs or it's something he/she already has but needs to be replaced. The "need" present comes at a perfect time when shoes, lunch boxes, backpacks, or jackets need to be replaced. 

The "wear" present is similar to the "need" present. But I think of the "wear" present as a good one for grandparents and aunts. They love to buy pajamas, holiday clothes, and cute outfits. 

The "read" present is my favorite. I have been known to buy a stack of books and tie a ribbon around the stack to count it as 1 present! I love books and my kids love reading! Last year, we bought my son a tablet to download books and games and we counted that as his "read" present. 

You're probably wondering what to do when your families want to buy presents for the kids. We are so grateful that others think of our kids. We simply ask them to give our kids new experiences instead. Some experiences they can give are museum tickets, movie tickets, art classes, bowling passes, board games, or money that can go towards extracurricular activities, interests, or even college. 

It's never too late to start, add to, or change up your family's tradition
Have a Happy Holiday