Getting ready for the Vocabulary Parade!

Have you read Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Parade to your class yet? It's a must-read book!

My school got inspired by the book and we're having a Vocabulary Parade. We challenged our students to choose a vocabulary word from their grade level list. The teachers are wearing costumes too! Since I teach fourth and fifth graders, I chose the word consumer

Consumer is related to our math Personal Financial Literacy standards. Consumers buy a good or pay for a service. Consumer also appears in our science standards. Students learn about ecosystems, food webs, and food chains. They learn about producers like plants and consumers eat other living things to survive. 

Here's my shirt for the Vocabulary Parade! I used play money, a stuffed snake, and lots of safety pins.

Get your students excited about vocabulary and have a parade in your own class or schoolwide!

front side

back side