Boxes of Hope

A colleague of mine shared a wonderful book and activity that brought her students closer together.

it's inspired by the story, Hattie’s Birthday Box. It can be found in the anthology, Birthday Surprises: Ten Great Stories to Unwrap. The class activity is called Boxes of Hope. The activity involves creating boxes of hope and inspiration by writing compliments, poems, drawing pictures, and making small handmade gifts for a classmate

Each kid gets a box to open. It's magical and perfect for this time of year in your classroom. It's also an awesome holiday party activity that's so easy to do. Your students do all the work and the only thing you might need to provide are empty shoe or cereal boxes and a little extra class time to make some gifts. 

I'm going to let Laura Candler do the rest of the explaining. She perfectly put together the information you'll need. Check it out here. You''ll get full directions and printables. 

Happy Holidays to you and your students!