I LOVE SCIENCE Review Bracelets for 5th graders!

Do you love science? I do! 

I teach in Texas and our 5th grade students have to take the STAAR Science test at the end of the year. We cover so much information in science and a lot of what they will be tested on comes from the previous grades. 

I'm not about teaching to the test. I don't want to kill my students with test practice questions either. I'm always looking for different approaches to help them.

Since there is just so much information that they need to know like vocabulary, the boiling point of water, the water cycle, the order of the planets and so on, I made some fun bracelets for them to wear. Each bracelet covers an important science concept. Some of the bracelets already have the information on them and other bracelets will need to be completed by the student. They make great exit tickets!

You cut on the dotted line, tape it to your wrist, and you're ready to study wherever you go! My goal is to help students store information in their memory and also have them use it as a tool to talk more about science.

Here are my I LOVE SCIENCE Bracelets! Check them out here.