Looking for a hands-on way to teach scatterplots?

So, what is a scatterplot? A scatterplot shows the relationship between two sets of data.

In my intervention lesson, I used colorful dot stickers that you can find at the dollar store or in the school supplies aisle. I like using these dot stickers because you can write the data on the sticker and then, stick them to the graph. 

I drew a table titled Car Wash Fundraiser on the whiteboard. It included two sets of data: days and dollars earned. After we read the data together, we graphed. Here's what it looks like. 

If your students happen to make a mistake, the dot stickers are easy to peel off and move around. The bright colors also made the data stand out!

When we finished graphing, I asked these questions:
1) What trends did you notice?
2) What relationship did you find between the two sets of data?
3) What conclusion can you draw based upon the scatterplot?

Hope this helps you introduce and teach scatterplots! 

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