Easiest multiplication game you'll ever make!

I am constantly reminding my students to study multiplication facts. It's so helpful to know your facts in 4th and 5th grade. Don't you agree?

But I am not a fan of timed multiplication tests. It's too much pressure on kids. I do expect my students to practice their facts using different strategies. They can skip count, use benchmark facts, remember rhymes, etc. In group, we have identified the "hard facts" or facts that you just have to memorize like 8 x 7. We also talk a lot about the importance of practicing and to become better at any thing in life, it takes time and hard work.

So, I make and have available a variety of multiplication games. I have one game called BUMP in my office and we use it for warm-up or as a closing activity. It's the easiest game to make! The kids like it because it's not just flashing through flashcards. 

You've probably heard of it before or played a version of it. Here's how we play. 

1. You can play with as many players as you'd like. 
2. Have a multiplication chart available, if you need to check someone's answer. 
3. Write different multiplication expressions (ex. 3 x 4) on small pieces of paper and fold. Don't write the answer! Put them in a paper bag or box. 
4. Then, write 'BUMP' on several small pieces of paper and fold. Put them in the same bag/box.
4. You're ready to play. Pass the box/bag around. One person at a time pulls out a random problem, solves it, tells the group the answer. Then asks, "Am I right?" 
6. The other players must check the answer and say 'yes' or 'no.' If the person is correct, he/she keeps the card as a point. If the person is incorrect, the person must put the card back in the bag. 
7. When you pull the 'BUMP' card, you put all the cards you earned back in the bag. Sorry, you got BUMPed!
8. The player with the most cards wins! 

I can't tell you how much fun we have playing together in group. The kids each made one to take home and play with their families

Here's what it looks like. There are some really cool prints on tissue boxes lately. Reuse one of those boxes to make a BUMP game!

 Happy Teaching and Learning!