Box templates to help you multiply and divide!

Learning how to multiply and divide using the standard algorithm is not easy for a lot of kids! Like many things in math, it's going to take time and effort. Kids are going to need GRIT to get through tough things. They'll also need strategies and tools from us. 

Since my students in group aren't sure what to do on their own just yet, I created a set of box templates to help them. Teachers can use this to guide their students through the steps of the algorithm. It helps them understand place value, too. 

I am working with a student who is struggling with multiplication in my group. I needed to know more about his thinking. So, I used the box templates to figure out how I could help him. I observed him while he was solving some problems. Then, I noted some of the errors he made. Some of the errors were related to place value, regrouping, and recalling facts. I was able to give him immediate feedback.

I guided him through 265 x 18 below. He felt so successful! He gave me a high five! 

Our goal is to eventually "retire" this support. Soon, he and others in my group won't need these box templates. Until then, we'll practice 1-2 problems each day to increase their confidence, memory, and accuracy!

I recently received feedback from a fellow teacher on TeachersPayTeachers who shared that this really helped her students with Autism. I was ecstatic! Helping others is what I am all about.

You can download a FREEBIE of the box templates or purchase the entire set. The FREEBIE has been downloaded almost 500 times! Put the sheet in a plastic sheet protector and use dry erase markers. If you download it, don't forget to rate it and leave a comment.

Happy Teaching and Learning!