Minecraft + Legos + Robots + Math

If your students like Minecraft, Lego building blocks, or robots, then they will really enjoy learning about the concept of volume in math! 

I've worked on some math task cards for teachers out there who have students who love Minecraft. If you haven't played it yet or watched/listened to your students or own children talk about it, there's a lot of math involved. You have to build different structures made of cubes. You are also building and looking at the structures from different points of view. 

My son loves Legos. Even though his room is filled with Legos and I hate stepping on them (it hurts pretty bad when you step on a Lego by the way), I support his hobby and interest because there is so much math that is happening while he is building. He's learning about symmetry because his cars or spaceships have to be the same on both sides. My son is learning about three-dimensional geometric solids like cubes, cylinders, rectangular prisms, etc. He's also learning about volume, or how many blocks it takes to build a structure. 

Now, robots excite just about any kid. With all the Star Wars right now, this is a great time to teach volume because kids often think of robots as machines that have the ability and skill to make cool things. I incorporated robot and spaceship language into these task cards for students who like robots. 

Check out these Volume Task Cards that will have your kids learning about volume hands-on. They will build different structures and finds its volume. They will look at their structures from different points of view. Math task cards are great because kids can work at their own pace. If class time runs out, they can just pick up wherever they left off the next school day! 

Here's a preview. 

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