Kid-friendly Common Math Errors poster

Mondays are really important because my students and I look over their math snapshot (4-question progress monitoring) from the previous week. They also graph their progress in their data folders. Then, we redo the problems they missed together. I give them lots of feedback during this time, so that they can learn from their mistakes. 

I started to notice that my students were making very similar errors from group to group. I needed a way to communicate the errors to them. It had to be presented in kid-friendly language, so they could really understand it. (Yes, this is my original idea and anchor chart!)

I kept it down to 6 types of errors: fact, handwriting, mystery, method, counting, and missing. Here's the poster. Feel free to make a copy of mine!

Here's what each error means.

1) fact - miscounted, working too fast, need to practice facts

2) handwriting - writing too fast, handwriting hard to read, need to write clearly

3) mystery - making up unknown method, not applying how you learned to do method

4) method - did not set up method correctly, did not do all the steps

5) counting - started from wrong number, counted too far, skipped a number

6) missing - missed a step in the word problem, missed a number in the problem, missed a vocabulary, misunderstand part of problem