Instant fractions on a number line activity!

All you need are free paint chips (found at your local hardware store) and page flags! You probably have all of this lying around your house or your classroom.

Grab a permanent marker, a ruler, the paint chips, and page flags. First, draw a line down the center of the paint chip. Next, label the fractional parts. You can see the equal parts by the different shades of color. In the green paint chip below, there are 4 equal parts or fourths. In the pink paint chip, there are 3 equal parts or thirds. It also looks like fraction bars above the black number line!

Then, write some fractions like 1/2, 1/4 etc. on the page flags. Using the page flags, have your students compare fractions and determine where the fractions are located on the number line. Have your students explain their reasoning. You can also stack the two wholes (ex. put the green one above the pink one on the table) to compare the colored fraction bars. 

Hope this helps your students. Mine LOVED it and begged to take theirs home! Happy Teaching and Learning!