Minecraft and Math Project-Based Learning

I created this project for my students who are obsessed with Minecraft! I've checked out Minecraft myself and I've watched my nephews play it. Whoa, there is a lot of math in this game! I thought why not take a popular high-interest game and use it to reinforce math concepts? So, I made this product for students, you, and me! 

Here are 5 project-based learning activities that don't require a ton of prep. Just download, print, and you're ready to go! There's so much flexibility with how you use this. You decide if it's an independent project, group work, center work, homework, etc. You also determine how much time your students will work on this project. 

Here's what one project looks like. Students will create a Minecraft-inspired biome. Then, find the area. 

Check it out here! Happy Teaching and Learning!