Growth Mindset Photo Booth Props

My students are off to a great start this spring! They are moving through the standards and demonstrating Growth Mindset along the way. I've got a group of kiddos that are really motivated to learn their multiplication facts. I am so impressed by their positive energy and work ethic.

I've been brainstorming of ways to keep the kids excited about their learning and love being here at school. I finally came up this idea. I guess it came from all the party planning I like to do. To celebrate their successes, I created these Growth Mindset Photo Booth Props!

It's a great way to take pictures of your students reaching their learning goals and having some fun in class too! Of course, you have to follow all school policy about taking pictures and posting them online. Just make sure to read up on your school's policy.

It's so easy to put these Growth Mindset Photo Booth Props together. I tried to think of all the GM phrases that we say and I added in others that fellow teachers I work with say.

Here's how you make the props.

First, print the speech bubbles on white cardstock. Thick paper is much better to use. 
Second, laminate and cut them all out. Using a hot glue gun, attach a large popsicle stick to the back leaving half on and the other half of the stick off. Next, keep them in a jar and grab your camera. Say cheese!
Click here to download your GM props!