Happy Birthday, Dr, Seuss!

One of the first books I ever read as a kid was Green Eggs and Ham. I vividly remember my teacher cooking on a hot plate in the back of the classroom. I could smell the ham and hear the sizzling eggs. When she put the plate in front of me, I was mesmerized the eggs were actually green! I made a forever connection to this book and author. I will never forget my teacher who made this one of the most special days in school.

Dr. Seuss is not just for the little ones, believe it or not. There are so many themes and lessons in his books. Now that my fourth and fifth graders are deeper thinkers and readers, these books are so fun to revisit and reread. I love discussing the lessons learned in each book with older children. They have so much insight and are able to make connections to even real current events. I saw smiles and giggles as they read.   

I didn't do green eggs and ham for snack but I did have goldfish and marshmallows. The kids enjoyed snacking and reading.

I set up a table with an old birthday cloth and put out 6 books for kids to read and rotate. I also put some materials to make a Cat in the Hat bookmark. All you need are popsicle sticks, markers, tape, and Cat and the Hat faces. It's simple to make. Cut the face, color the stripes on the popsicle stick for the Cat and the Hat's hat, and tape it to the popsicle stick. Voila, a new bookmark!

If you also need Dr. Seuss math task cards, here you go! Check it out here! Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!