Real-life samples of Area and Perimeter

I was walking through Home Depot with my family the other day and I had a math epiphany! I came across these FREE samples in the flooring department and thought of a really cool  idea! 

Why not use some of these real-life samples to teach area and perimeter? 

So, I grabbed a couple of the free samples- wood flooring and carpet squares. I also picked up paint chips in the paint department. These are great examples of area and perimeter for my students to touch and measure. It's also helpful to have these around to refer to during one of our discussions.  

Back at school, the students explained how area and perimeter are math concepts you need in the real world. We also used rulers to measure the sides (lengths and widths) of each sample and applied the area and perimeter formulas. I also grabbed a piece of grass turf that you might've seen in some of my party decorating posts. The grass turf is a great example of area! 

It was such a fun and FREE math activity that really engaged my students. They love hands-on activities. I heard so many connections to the real world during this lesson. 

Next time, I hope to add a piece of wall paper, window tint, and house siding. I think that they would enjoy that!   

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