I Can Posters for Intervention

Hey there, teachers.
Hope your year is off to an awesome start. 

Just wanted to share what I recently posted in my office- I Can posters just for Intervention! There's not a lot of wall space, so I used clipboards to create a display. 

My school strongly believes in posting I Can posters and Proficiency Scales for students to understand what they are learning and to understand how they are progressing. Because of this, I thought it was valuable for my students to have I Can posters based on their goals in Intervention.

These are our main goals in Intervention. I kept them very simple and plan to use the same ones throughout the year. Behind the I Can posters are the grade level I Can's and Proficiency Scales. This way, I can see what they are learning in class and my students can make the connection between class and Intervention.

Would you like them? Here you go! Just click here for your freebie.

Here are the Proficiency Scales behind the I Can poster. I simply flip to the Proficiency Scale by standard as the year goes. 

The extra clipboards display Growth Mindset inspired quotes. I also put up happy and cheerful quotes for my students! They really enjoy walking in on Monday mornings and finding the new quotes for the week. Here's one of my favorites below. 

This project did not cost much. The clipboards were $1 each. I used lined notebook paper to create the inspirational posters. I like the vintage school look of the paper on the clipboards. I find different quotes just by a search in Pinterest. It's very therapeutic coloring the posters. Adult coloring is totally in! 

Hope this inspires you to post I Can's even in the smallest of spaces or if you're an Interventionist, Instructional Coach, or Specialist