Math Practice Binder

Hey there! Are you surviving the last month of school?! We're all in the midst of state testing, wrapping up end of the year stuff, planning parties and field day, plus more. CRAZY! Just remember to take care of yourself and summer break is near.

Around this time, I like to reflect on how the year went, what I could've done differently, and I'd like to add next year.

I wanted to share this binder that really worked well for me. I used it during math intervention almost every day. I also added pages throughout the year that I learned my students needed. So it's a growing resource. My students know it as the Math Practice Binder!

I used it a ton for warm-ups. Let's say you previously taught 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication using the lattice method and you are spiraling this skill back in. All your students have to do is flip to the page in the binder and start working. The template or math organizer is already made and ready to go! No more searching for papers or reprinting pages. 

I also used this binder during my lessons. Preparing for small group lessons takes a lot of work because each group has different needs and skills they are working on. Having the pages organized in a binder saved a lot of prep time. The binder was an easy way to have those common sheets together in one place. While I modeled something, my students worked along with me. This was a great tool for students with learning accommodations, too.

I put all the sheets in plastic sheet protectors and used thin dry erase markers. Eco-friendly! Ink-friendly! A time saver! Organized in a binder! 

If you're thinking of different things to add to your math lesson, then try out this binder!

Check it out here.